Sustaining Behavioral Change

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Why Wellworx?

Wellworx is an AI-driven communication platform that drives sustained behavioral change for improved patient health by delivering the right message to the right patient at the right time.

Healthcare Solutions

Lirio engages patients on their terms to drive behavioral change and improve health.


Healthcare organizations house a massive amount of clinical and actuarial data that allows the clinician to understand the health of a patient. What is lacking is the visibility into the unique behaviors and habits that motivate healthcare consumers into action.

Current consumer outreach is written with one tone and sent to a large population, lacking personalization. Generic messaging isn’t working, but the cost of individualizing communication seems overwhelming.

The ideal solution drives results by communicating with each patient individually AND saves money by using data-driven predictive modeling to assemble each message specifically for each patient.

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Wellworx Personas

Unlike most segmentation and persona solutions, Wellworx healthcare personas are defined primarily by attitudes, opinions, perceptions, and behaviors about healthcare in general and personal healthcare.

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Kenny Bailey

Vice President of Healthcare Solutions

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